TTM-6901 NU (pumping station)

This amphibious all-terrain vehicle with a pump station was designed for:

  • pumping oil out of the pipeline;
  • repairing;
  • collection of oil and petroleum products from the open sources;
  • pumping products into the main pipeline;
  • filling the pipeline with water because of hydraulic tests;
  • as a temporary pump station on the main oil field.

It can be transpored for long distances by trailer.


  • main pump TsNSnt 180 467MT;
  • charge pump SPC 300h50;
  • vacuum pump VVN1-3;
  • power supply, generator BG-100;
  • crane-manipulator.

This machine can be used on soils with low bearing capacity, including sand, mud, muskeg, swamp and snow,water.

Standard equipment:

  • car controls;
  • pneumo traks (1260 mm).

Optional equipment on the customer's request:

  • enhanced protection of windshield;
  • audio devices and GPS-navigation.

All machines have the option "Northern" on the customer’s request:

  • double-glass panes of a cab and a passenger compartment;
  • winter engine start system Thermo E200 Spheros and self-contained passenger compartment heating system Webasto AirTop;
  • enhanced thermal and noize insulation;
  • extra lights.
Curb weight, kg 26000
Mean soil pressure, kg/cm2 0,2
Maximum speed, km/h 18
Maximum speed afloat, km/h 5
Number of seats in the cabin 3
Overall dimensions (LxBxH), mm  9400х4160х4000 ТТМ вездеход
EngineYaMZ-238B Turbo diesel, V8, 14,86 l., 300 hp
Transmission 4-speed, manual
Main pump flow, m3/h 180
Pressure of the main pump, m 467
Feed booster pump, m3/h 320
Maximum pressure booster pump, m 50
Vacuum pump productivity, m3/min 40
Generator power, kW 100