TTM-6901 GM (crane)

The TTM 6901's cargo modification with hydro-manipulator crane (gm) is used for transportation of different types of cargo and equipment as well as for emergency repair works. For these purposes the vehicle is equipped with INMAN IF300S hydro-manipulator and two removable supports. The crane is capable to lift up to 9 tons.

The cargo compartment with dimensions 3x4 m is enough spacy to get different goods or equipment up to 4 tons.

It can be used on any soils, snow, loose sand, swamps of all categories and deep rivers.

TTM-6901 GM can be transported for a long-distance by the trailer.

Standard equipment:

Optional equipment on the customer's request:

  • уnhanced protection of windshield;
  • audio devices and GPS-navigation.

All machines have the option "Northern" on the customer’s request:

  • double-glass panes of a cab and a passenger compartment;
  • winter engine start system Thermo E Spheros and self-contained passenger compartment heating system Webasto AirTop;
  • enhanced thermal and noize insulation;
  • extra lights.
urb weight, kg 20600
Load-carrying capacity, kg 4000
Mean soil pressure, kg/cm2 0,2
Maximum speed, km/h 18
Maximum speed afloat, km/h 5
Number of seats in the cabin 3
Overall dimensions (LxBxH), mm   9900х4160х3950 ТТМ снегоболотоход
Engine YaMZ-238B Turbo diesel, V8, 14,86 l., 300 hp
Transmission 4-speed, manual
Equipment Crane-manipulator IF300S-15
Boom-crane, m 8,53
Load moment, t*m 27
Maximum lifting height, m 11,1