TTM-6902 E (excavator plant EW-25-M1 Svyatovit, Belarus)

The mobile, multifunctional, full-track excavator was designed to conduct excavation on main pipeline in off-road conditions (snow, marshes as well as on common use roads with no damage to the last). The excavator mechanism EW-25-М1 with full-revolving bucket on the end of telescopic boom, installed on the vehicle, may be used as demining machine.

It can be used on any soils, snow, loose sand, swamps of all categories and deep rivers.

It can be transpored for long distances by trailer.

Standard equipment:

  • car controls (steering wheel with hidraulic booster);
  • pneumo traks(1260 mm).

Optional equipment on the customer's request:

  • enhanced protection of windshield ;
  • audio devices and GPS-navigation.

All machines have the option "Northern" on the customer’s request:

  • double-glass panesof a cab and a passenger compartment;
  • winter engine start system Thermo E200 Spheros and self-contained passenger compartment heating system Webasto AirTop;
  • enhanced thermal and noize insulation;
  • extra lights.
Curb weight, kg 26000
Mean soil pressure, kg/cm 2 0,2
Maximum speed, km/h 18
Maximum speed afloat, km/h 5
Number of seats in the cabin 3
Overall dimensions (LxBxH), mm   10700х4160х4000 ТТМ
EngineYaMZ-238B Turbo diesel, V8, 14,86 l., 300 hp
Transmission 4-speed, manual
Equipment Excavator plant EW-25-M1
Bucket capacity, m3 0,63
Depth of digging, m 4,3
Maximum discharge height, m 3,6
Progress of telescopic boom, m 4,15