TTM-4902 PZ (Fire Suppression UPT-1200m)

TTM-4902 PZ was designed for extinguishing fire near gas and oil pipeline in difficult off-road conditions.

It is an amphibious tracked all-terrain vehicle, based on TTM-4902 GR.

Firefighting equipment UPT-1200M includes:

  • ontainer for powder 700 kg;
  • igh and low pressure  pneumatic equipment
  • runk with the powder consumption up to 30 kg / s and 30 m jets range;
  • he two hand trunk. The powder consumption is 3-4.5 kg / s, the range of the jet is 10 m

It can be used on any soils, snow, loose sand, swamps of all categories and deep rivers.

TTM-4902 PZ can be moved by truck  KAMAZ for a long-distance way.

Basic equipment:

  • ar controls (steering wheel with hidraulic booster);
  • racks with an open joint and elastic wideners width (760 mm.)

Optional equipment on the customer's request:

  • racks with rubber hinge (RMJ) and elastic wideners (width of 760 mm) for the swamps, snow, tundra and sand;
  • racks with open joint (OR) or with rubber hinge (RMJ) without wideners (width 390 mm) for soil, rocky and forest roads, shallow snow and sand;
  • racks without wideners with rubber shoes (the rubber tracks);
  • electric winch with a pulling force of up to 5000 kg., the length of winch cable is 25 m;
  • enhanced protection of windshield;
  • air conditioning;
  • audio and video devices and GPS-navigation.

All machines have the option "Northern" on the customer’s request:

  • double-glass panes of a cab and a passenger compartment;
  • winter engine start system Thermo E200 Spheros and self-contained passenger compartment heating system Webasto AirTop;
  • enhanced thermal and noize insulation.
Curb weight, kg 12560
Load-carrying caoacuty, kg 4000
Mean soil pressure, kg/cm2 0,17
Maximum speed, km/h 48
Maximum speed afloat, km/h 5
Number of seats in the cockpit 6
Number of beds 2
Overall dimensions (LxBxH), mm  1157029402660
Body width, mm 2500
Engine Turbo diesel, 300 hp
Transmission manual
Equipment Setting powder fire UPT-1200m
Firefighting powder PSB-3-ABC Vekson
Powder weight, kg 1200
The powder consumption (bag trunk), kg/s 3 - 4,5
Range jet (hand trunk), m 10
The powder (master stream nozzle), kg/s 30
Range jet (master stream nozzle), m 30