-3 GU (dirt pump down equipment)

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TTM-3 GU was designed for repairing  pipelines in difficult conditions. It is a tracked amphibious all-terrain vehicle with a special equipment such as dirt pump-down equipment.

It can be used on any soils, snow, loose sand, swamps of all categories and deep rivers.

TTM-3 GU can be transported for long distances by the vehicle such as KAMAZ, MAZ.

Dirt pump-down equipment:

  • Submersible pump with hydraulic motor, productivity up to 200 m3/hr;
  • Hydro station with petrol / diesel engine;
  • Loading facilities with a cargo hoist capacity of 250 kg.;
  • Set of  water-repellent hoses(10 pieces, 20m);
  • Set of paired hoses for hydro station and hoses connection up to 10 m.

Basic equipment:

  • car controls (hydraulic power steering);
  • tracks with an open joint (OR) and elastic wideners(width 760 mm.)

Optional equipment on the customer's request:

  • tracks with rubber hinge (RMJ) and elastic wideners(width of 760 mm) for the swamps, snow, tundra and sand;
  • tracks with open joint (OR) or with rubber hinge (RMJ) without wideners(width 390 mm) ​​for soil, rocky and forest roads, shallow snow and sand;
  • tracks without wideners with rubber shoes (the rubber tracks)
  • electric winch with a pulling force of up to 5000 kg., the length of winch cable is 25 m;
  • enhanced protection of windshield;
  • additional fuel tanks for 700 liters.;
  • air conditioning;
  • audio and video devices and GPS-navigation.

All machines have the option "Northern" on the customer’s request:

  • windshield with double width;
  • engine preheater Thermo E200 Spheros and cabin heater Webasto AirTop;
  • enhanced thermal and noize insulation
  • rotating headlight on the roof.
Curb weight, kg 7600
Load-carrying capacity , kg 3000
Mean soil pressure, kg / cm 2 0,17
Maximum speed, km / h 54
Maximum speed afloat, km / h 5
Number of seats in the cabin 6
Number of beds 2
Overall dimensions (LxBxH),   648029402600
Body width, mm 2500
Engine Cummins-4ISBe185 turbodiesel, P4, 4.5 l., 185 hp
Transmission 6-speed, manual, ZF 6S1000 (Germany)
Control of a car (steering whee) with power
Equipment dirt pump down equipment  NP-35-120 (or - equivalent)
Pump productivity, m 3 / h 120
Lifting height of water, m 10
Diameter of sump hose, mm 77
Payload of a loading equipment, kg 250