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Snowmobile with a heated car’s cabin ТТМ-1901 «Berkut»

The product is certified

A snowmobile TTM-1901 has a two-man heated cab and a rear cargo platform. It was designed for servicing and visual inspection of main pipelines, power transmission lines, communication links. It is also can be used for guarding facilities and hunting.

This snowmobile provides a high comfort level, high speed, high stability in cross country and in deep soft snow.

The chassis of Berkut consists of 2 skis and 2 caterpillar tracks. Such skis are mounted on telescopic legs. These legs are capable of turning in bronze bushings of the suspension base. When the snowmobile turns to any direction all skies, bushings and springs rotate around a fixed stop.

Tracks are reinforced with glass-plastic rods. They have abutting pieces for gear meshing and metal clips for bogie rail sliding.

TTM-1901 “Berkut”  can be transported for long distances by the vehicle such as “Gazelle”.

Basic equipment:

  • hand winch for self-pulling-out;
  • rack jack;
  • shovel.

Optional equipment on the customer's request:

  • sleigh with load-carrying capacity up to 300 kg.
  • winter engine start system and interior heating system Webasto.
  • audio and GPS equipment.


Passengers 2
Unladen mass, kg 900
Mean soil pressure, kg/cm2 0,06
Maximum speed, km/h 60
Overall dimensions (LxBxH), мм     3630х1730х1775
Engine VAZ 21213, gasoline, P4, 1.7 l., 80 hp
Transmission 5-speed., Mechanical
Cruising range, km 200