Major modifications tracked harvester

Tracked harvesters «Lesnik» was designed for optimal lumbering in case of selective cutting or clear felling and timber bucking. It is also can be used for work in industrial log depots as a processing machine and as an excavator in off-season time during the road construction across the forest in any zones of the world. This harvester was manufactured by using Japanese excavator technology Hitachi and Finnish harvester heads Lako.

All harvesters «Lesnik» have an up-to-date control and measuring system Motomit. The optimization of cutting is based on Stanford and HKS standarts. This fact ensure high productivity of LTM «Lesnik». LTM is equipped with a satellite navigation system and a data transfer system, which provides deforestation control and a connection to the office. The armoured bottom of vehicle protects all essencial parts. Multifunctional extender with a mini bucket provides a transportation convenience and an easy access to a stem. A cabin meets all current requirements of FOPS, FOGS, OPS standarts. Such a cabin creates comfortable and safe conditions for operation.

Standard equipment:

  • machine protection according to the requirements of the FOPS, FOGS and OPS;
  • joystick control;
  • сlimate control equipment;
  • automatic fire suppression system;
  • additional lighting;
  • excavator bucket;
  • radio AM / FM.

Key performance indicators:

The average volume of blank assortment per shift (12 hours), cbm 160
The average fuel consumption per shift (12 hours), lit. 140
Harvester’s operator training, days 7
Warranty 1 year or 2000 Moto/ hour.
The service life of vehicles, mot / hour 24000

Optional equipment on the customer's request:

  • winter engine start system and passenger heating system Webasto ;
  • «Lako» heads installation/





LTM «Lesnik» technical characteristics:

  LTM-6812 LTM-6811 LTM-6820
Carrier vehicle JCB JCB JCB
Mean soil pressure, kg/cm2 0,48 0,48 0,48
Harvester head LAKO 85 LAKO 63HD LAKO 63HD
Maximum sawing diameter, mm 750 650 650
Maximum branch cutting diameter, mm 850 630 630