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Tracked trailer GP-8301 (2,5 t.)

The product  is certified

The crawler trailer GP-8301 was designed for the transportation of cargoes  and installation of various technological equipment. This trailer was intended for operation in off-road conditions together with machines TTM-3 and  TTM-4902

The trailer is equipped with a pneumatic braking system.

The use of this trailer increases efficiency and extends the functional capabilities of all-terrain vehicles TTM.


Curb weight, kg 2900
Load-carrying capacity, kg 2500
Mean soil pressure, kg / cm 2 0,16
Overall dimensions (LxBxH), мм  4200 х 2500 х 2200 * прицеп ТТМ
Internal dimensions (LxB), мм  4010 х 2400                     
Maxinum rolling, degrees 25

* The size may vary according to customer requirements