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History of CJSC «Transport»

In 1990’s there was the lack of special vehicles, suitable for the preventive and emergency repair work on the main oil and gas pipelines, power lines in difficult conditions.

Nizhny Novgorod Technical University was the school of designers and researchers in the field of agricultural, earthmoving and other self-propelled tracked vehicles off-road, which  had minimal pressure to soil.

These two facts have led to creating of special development team in 1982 (by VVMN). The task was to improve caterpillar drive cars for special purposes. It was called «Special Design and Technological Bureau of transport and technological machines» (SKTB TTM)

CJSC «Transport» was founded in 08.09.1990 by the leader of mentioned team, Nickolas B. Veselov.

Pages of history (newspaper Lenin, the change 08/23/1987)